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The Remote Classroom

The Course Details

General Information

  • Each session is 45 minutes via zoom

  • The maximum number of students in a class -is 12

  • The total number of lessons in a module: 12(Junior/8(Intermediate)

  • Age limit: 9-18 years old

  • The students must use a desktop/laptop computer (not a tablet pc); turn on the camera & microphone during the class.

  • Do not use avatars during the lesson.

  • All classes are conducted on Saturday/Sunday Only.

  • Probational Level: 12 lessons in Block-Coding [Essential Concepts]

  • Project-based learning modules with HTML, JS and Python to enhance the essential knowledge of Data Science, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technology(VR & AR). 

Course Fee​

  • 12 lessons (One Module): HKD2400 (Junior Class)

  • 8 lessons(One Module): HKD1600 (Intermediate)

  • We will conduct the placement assessment in the first lesson.

Replacement for missing lesson

  • If you cannot attend any of the lessons during the course, you could arrange a replacement by coming 20 minutes earlier in the following lesson. The replacement is only allowed in the following lesson. You are only allowed to arrange a maximum of ONE replacement in any one module. 

  • You may also reach us on for further enquiries.

  • Please refer to the course details

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