Coding as a Literacy for the 21st Century

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Data Structure & Algorithm

Algorithmic thinking is fundamental and it is a key ability in CT that can be developed independently prior to learning programming. In this part, learners will learn how to systematically plan the steps of moving forward/backward, turning left/right, and design the algorithm to reverse a set of movements. [This level is recommended only for young beginners]


Coding & Logical Operators

Learn to code with sensors and the sensor shield, photo interrupter, external LED light, light sensor and the simple logical operators.

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Robotic Car & DC Motor 

Use micro: bit to control the DC motor and the motor shield to operate the wheels; Design with "Functions" with various movements (forward, backward, pause, Turn left/Right); Set arrays to manage the movements; and wireless controlling the movements.


Data, Coding & Sensors

Basic Block Coding: Inputs, Variables, Built-in sensors, External sensors with Pins and Coding, Mathematically functions.  

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Sensors, Network Coding

Code the ultrasonic and the servo motor, design with the logical operators, remote communication between two micro: bits to send information and to record.


Robotic Arm Control

Introduce projects to connect (1) micro: bits with robotic arm movement, (2) gripper to transfer from one place to another, (3) micro: bit to control robotic car and (4) the communication of robotic car and robotic arm.

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Crash Course in Block Coding

This course is designed for beginners with little or new in coding to start their learning in Python. The course will introduce various important aspects of block-coding and you are expected to complete a robotic project.

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Car Parking with Python

Write codes with MicroPython to control sensors with sensor shield; learn to set the ultrasonic and servo-motor to control the parking system. You will also learn to display the information on the LCD screen. 

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Design the solution- Dry Cloth

Learn to apply the coding skills to solve the problems; establish the design thinking mindset to solve the problem: understand the problem (design small steps to explore with coding skills; plan the code to automate the process; prototype and test; improve with findings.


Introduction to Python

Learn the basic coding skills with MicroPython: number and String displays; buttons A, B and A&B, inputs with Gestures; Features with Micro: bits V2: Logo touch, sound as inputs and Music.


Design the lift with Python

Design the lift operation: multi-level settings, remote control to attach the sounds, LED light to the lift, wirelessly control the lift, display the operation with an external LCD screen, & design the speed of movement.


Operate the Camera with Python

Design the servo-motors and the movement of the camera, photo capture and save them in the computer.

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Data Collection

Learn a variety of functions and methods for data manipulation with Pandas; Reading and writing .csv files with python; Collect data with Micro: bits and sensors; different types of data: numeric, categorical, time-series and text; 


Data Types- Decision Tree, Linear & Logistic Regression

Study the different types of data: Logistic regression, classification and linear regression; develop the model of each of the data type; carry out the predictions


Web Deployment on ML Models

Study the real world problems with the given case studies; develop the models and create the web deployment based on the different models.


Developing Models

Preparing data (categorical); cleaning data; model selection; model training; evaluate the model; make predictions; deploying the ML model to the web.


Github & Python Flask

create a your Flask project on your computer; Create a repository on your GitHub account and push this code to it.

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CV- Read Images/Streaming

Learn to read video files, streaming and managing videos with Python.


CV- Hands Detection

Detect the fingers and add voice into the codes.


CV-MediaPipe Face Mesh 

Detecting key facial features from images: determine age, gender and emotions.


CV- Virtual Drag & Drop

Learn to set the various shapes, colours, drag and drop

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CV- Pose Estimation

Learn to understand the body movements. It is used to describe a pose of a person.

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Introduction to HTML </>

Create an HTML page: The core of HTML; Input Form; Adding Multimedia (Audio & Video); 

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Create a Webpage and design the boxes with OpenCV; Upload the images to detect the circles; Scan images with a camera and play the videos.

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Projects with OpenCV & JS

Multiple colour detection by an industrial robot to perform pick and place; face mask detection with Open CV.

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CSS rules; Font-family, Size, Style; Objects and Boxes, Borders, Padding, Margin; Variables, Functions, Conditional Statements, Events. 

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Deploy a page of online clothes store purchase; get the information of the user and recommend the clothes; repeat with other examples: bakery store and vehicle purchase.

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