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Essential Codes

14 Lessons

Learn the essential and fundamental concepts in coding by using micro: bits and block coding: Inputs, If-THEN-ELSE and Logical Statements, Arrays, Functions, wireless communication; 

Optional: pins and sensors, DC and Servo motors (Additional hardware part required)

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Coding with Scratch

14 Lessons

Scratch to code their own interactive stories, animations, and games. In the process, they learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively  — essential skills for everyone in today’s society.


Roblox and Coding

14 Lessons

Learn to code by completing games. Through basic and simple games, students will have a preliminary understanding of the elements of Game Engine and be ready for later programming-learning progress


Coding with HTML

14 Lessons

Learn to design web pages with HTML5: Drawing and animation using canvas,  offline storage, microdata, audio and video, drag and drop, geolocation, embedded fonts, web APIs


Web with Python & JavaScript

14 Lessons

Learn to design web with Java Script for client side scripts; Python framework and Flask for the web app; Design with Open CV and ML Models for various projects.

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Design Images and Animation

14 Lessons

In this module, you will learn the skills to design images and animation (video clips). You will learn the principles of multimodal design: spatial and temporal design in meaning making; the concept of micro and macro learning; usability in media design, gestalt theory and Mayer Multimedia principles.

Businessman connecting tech devices and icons applications with each other 3D

3D Printing and Design

14 Lessons 

Learn the 3D design with Fusion 360; The concept of subtractive and additive with acrylic cutter, 3D printing machines; the fundamental concepts of interaction and affordances in materials design; creating 3D projects.

Modern 3D printer printing figure close-up macro.jpg

Web Design

14 Lessons

The web design with special attention to: usability, desktop and mobile learning (ubiquitous), putting various features such as forum, e-commerce platform, and design with various images, sounds, and interactive videos.

Web design agency concept presentation on displays of different dimensions. Modern flat we

Augmented Reality and Design

14 lessons

Learn to add 3D objects, pictures and videos in Assemblr Studio and experience the effect of AR; place and modify the items on the marker area to customize the experience; publish the works.

Decorating Apartment_ Man Holding Digital Tablet with AR Interior Design Software Chooses

AI and OpenCV

14 Lessons

Introduction to Open CV and AI: Camera and size of the screen, Finger Detection, creating rectangle, circles, frame and solid box, drag and drop with finger, sounds.

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