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The Code Literacy with micro: bits

Target Participants:

School teachers 

This is the training session for school teachers. The training aims to provide a brief but complete and systematic description of computational thinking (CT) and coding education, as well as a list of relevant learning elements & resources, to facilitate the teaching in the primary schools.


The 45-minute training session will outline:

As we are accessing digital tools every day, we are not the customers of social media, we are the products. The real customers are the advertisers and market researchers paying for their attention and user data. But it is difficult for them to see any of this and respond appropriately if they do not know anything about the digital environment.


Children are living in a more digital world than the previous generation. They are spending an increasing amount of their time in digital environments where the rules have been written by others. Just being familiar with how code works would help them navigate this terrain, and understand its limitations.


The short course provides the essential knowledge using micro: bit block coding to introduce the different aspects of how to code: Inputs, Variables, Logical Operators, Wireless Communication and Arrays.