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Python with ML & DS

Coding as a Literacy for the 21st Century

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Introduction to HTML </>

Create an HTML page: The core of HTML; Input Form; Adding Multimedia (Audio & Video); 

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Create a Webpage and design the boxes with OpenCV; Upload the images to detect the circles; Scan images with a camera and play the videos.

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Projects with OpenCV & JS

Multiple colour detection by an industrial robot to perform pick and place; face mask detection with Open CV.

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CSS rules; Font-family, Size, Style; Objects and Boxes, Borders, Padding, Margin; Variables, Functions, Conditional Statements, Events. 

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Deploy a page of online clothes store purchase; get the information of the user and recommend the clothes; repeat with other examples: bakery store and vehicle purchase.

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with Machine Learning & Data Science

Crash Course in Block Coding

This course is designed for beginners with little or new in coding to start their learning in Python. The course will introduce various important aspects of block-coding and you are expected to complete a robotic project.

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Jupyter Notebooks

Learn to collect data with sensors and display the data on Jupyter Notebooks; Learn to display the data, collaborate with team members, and create simple predictions with different types of data sets:  [Preparing data (categorical); cleaning data; model selection; model training; evaluate the model; make predictions;]


Case Study - Create several projects based on Data Types- Decision Tree, Linear & Logistic Regression

Study the different types of data: Logistic regression, classification and linear regression; develop the model of each of the data types; carry out the predictions: Bakery; Insurance; Car Sellers; Bank Loans; Clothings.  


Python with sensors

Apply Python codes with projects using the breadboard, Servo Motor and create Sound/Music with Piezo Buzzer; Apply For Loop; Function & Wireless Control.


Python Framework -Flask

Learn to build, deploy, and run your app in the cloud; Utilise GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and pull requests; Create a simple web app with a few static pages with Flask;

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With Immersive Technology

CV- Read Images/Streaming

Learn to read video files, streaming and managing videos with Python.


CV- Hands Detection

Detect the fingers and add voice into the codes.


CV-MediaPipe Face Mesh 

Detecting key facial features from images: determine age, gender and emotions.


CV- Virtual Drag & Drop

Learn to set the various shapes, colours, drag and drop

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CV- Pose Estimation

Learn to understand the body movements. It is used to describe a pose of a person.

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Computer Vision & AI
VR and AR
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