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The world is changing around us. Digital technology has become a core part of our everyday lives. Advances in technology impact everything, especially the world of work. STEM learning is also important for students in their everyday life in our contemporary world, with the rise of new technologies in biomedicine, micro-fabrication, robotics and artificial intelligence. The ability to understand and apply data, and develop solutions to complex problems, will be important life skills.

STEM education must start with real-world situations to spark students’ interests. “Far too often, we simply don't capture students' imagination and help them connect what they do in the classroom with the world around them”. The Coding with Lockers is the activity we design to invite children to learn, code and solve the problems using the lockers. The activity welcomes participants to join in the mode of F2F, where they will join and come to the venue and at the same time, you can view the activity live in YouTube and then attempt the assessment, both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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