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STEM Project Presentation Webinar

The Objective:

The webinar will invite MELS STEM current students to present their projects. This Presentation of Learning (POL) requires students to present their learning to an audience and answer probing questions on the spot.

Students learn how to speak in front of a group. They also develop the skills how to prepare material for public presentations and develop their confidence to answer questions. The presentation will also help the students in their learning reflections to prove that they are ready to progress. In short, the webinar is helping students to build their social skills and personal growth that they will use for the rest of their life.

Webcam laptop screen view many faces of diverse people involved in group videoconference o

The Presentation:

You will be given a question during the presentation. You need to share the screen when you code and solve the question [10 minutes].

Then, you will demonstrate your project with the code. [5 minutes] 

The participants/teacher will ask you some questions and you need to answer them [5 minutes].


Presentation ONE- Robotic Car

Code the movement of the car

Use wireless control with two micro:bits. Code the micro:bits to control the car so that when you press A, press B & Press A+B, the car will move in different set of movements [ The actual set of movements will be disclosed during the presentation.]

e.g., Press A: Forward 2 sec. and stop; Backward 2 sec. and Stop.

Presentation Two:Sensors & Micro:bit

Learn to Apply Pin On Sensors

Learn to connect the light sensor and LED module to Pins on the sensor shield. Code the micro: bits to read the light level (as an input) and turn on the light of LED (as an output). You are requested to follow the steps of display and code them accordingly.[ The actual steps will be disclosed during the presentation.]

e.g., Press A to turn on the LED light for 5 seconds and then it read the light level and display it on the micro: bit. The LED light will be turn off after the 5 seconds. 


Presentation Three: The Ultrasonic


TrashBot with Servo Motor and Ultrasonic

Learn to apply the logical function, 'IF-THEN-ELSE' and learn to connect the ultrasonic to the pins on the sensor shield. You will also demonstrate how to code the servo-motor and ultrasonic sensor to function on a trash-bot. 

e.g. When you place on object (or you hand) close (within a distance) to the trash-bot, then the cover will open; when you leave the object away from the trash-bot, it closes. 

Presentation Four:HTML & JavaScript

Design A Webpage with a Function

While JavaScript (abbreviated as JS) is a scripting language, HTML is a markup language. We use HTML to create web pages or web applications and JavaScript makes HTML pages more dynamic and interactive. The presentation requires you to create a HTML page with JS script.[ The actual requirement will be disclosed during the presentation.]

e.g., Create two buttons, A & B. When you click on A, picture A will appear and another picture to appear when B is clicked.  

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