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Multimodal & E-Learning System

Coding is the new language of the world. Learn the essential Coding Knowledge and secure the passport to a world of possibilities.

Teaching Aids: A-Z Video Clips [Click Here For Details]


Learn Alphabet A-Z Through Short Stories
Books: Pre-Bronze A-Z(Books 1-5)


Coding Courses Learning Materials

Micro:bits & Robotics | HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT | AI with OpenCV | Machine Learning with Python | AR & VR

Get your sensors and robots, lesson video clips and practices with answers.

Face detection and recognition of citizens people, AI collect and analyze human data. Arti
coding competition for teens worldwide.j

Online LearningActivities

HTML/Javascript Coding Skill Competition

"Title: Spot The Errors" 26th Aug 1:30 pm-2:30 pm
[By Invitation To MELS Students Only-
Registration by replying to the invitation on WhatsApp

Competition Details
 | Why Competition


Join Our Online Coding LIVE Courses
[By Invitation Only - Click Here for More Information:]

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We organise coding classes on Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-3:00pm. All the intakes are by invitation Only.

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