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Join the training and the competition. 
Experiencing Artificial Intelligence and The Immersive Technology with AR. 
Competition Date: 7th Jan 2023- 3pm

The activity invites children ages 7-12 from all places to join the training to experience and interact with the webpages with artificial intelligence effects and the immersive technology with AR (augmented reality) objects.

The objective of the activity intends to create the awareness on how to apply the technology into our day-to-day lives. It will surely inspire the children to understand how the technology impacts our lives. It will also prompt their curiosity and start to look into to apply the technology creatively to solve real-world problem.   [ Click here to view the simple effects. ]

Registration (Opening Soon)

Decorating Apartment_ Man Holding Digital Tablet with AR Interior Design Software Chooses
Smart Young Boy Works on a Laptop For His New Project in His Computer Science Class. Other

STEM Coding Courses

An Online Digital Technology Academy

STEM 編程課程 (線上授課)

We are offering Online STEM and Coding courses. The classes are conducted on weekends only for children 6-15 years old. Each class is 45 minutes with 12 lessons in each module. View the details.

Whats-app: +60164225290 | +85257029201

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