Computational Thinking (CT)

The basic function of an electronic sensor is to measure some feature of the world, such as light, sound, or pressure and convert that measurement into useful information. Apply the thinking framework of CT and study the stories to understand the context of the problem. Design the solutions by coding the sensors.

Hand-Skills & Cognitive 


Activities with story contexts to engage children for the development of hand-skills in pincer, pincher, whole hand, whole arms and bi-manual. 

Introduction to the basic knowledge includes numbers, colours, shapes, opposites, words & A-Z.

Phonics 44

& Reading 

Phonics 44 is structured into three progressive and developmentally appropriate stages for children: Pink, Blue-Purple and Green. The stages include single letters (A-Z), Blending with CVC words, Initial and final blends, Double consonants, digraphs and vowel phonograms.