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Past Competition


1. Kayden Ng

2. Ang Chen Yang

4. Lee Hsien Jay

3. Lim Zheng Wei

5. Loke Zeeyen


2:00PM 15th June

RegEx Code with OCR -
A Coding Webinar Competition 

Taking Invoice Document Photo Using Phone Or Smartphone.jpg

Sample Questions:


Coding Practice:

Past Virtual Learning Tours

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the latest innovations and robotics technology available. The virtual tour can pull down all geographical barriers and it allowed the participants to get to know how the coding related to sensors and various parts of robotics. The virtual tour demonstrated the various applications of robots: room service robotics in hotels, luggage storage is managed not by a concierge but a robot, the robotic constructions and etc. 


The lockers were placed at a school. Students from various regions were invited to participate in the workshop. 

The children designed the locker detection with micro:bits. They detected the locker when it was opened/closed wirelessly. 

They built an array using block coding. Each locker was given a number. Inside each locker, they installed a photo-interrupter sensor with an LED light and sound sensors.  

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